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Summer is dead - 09/09/2017


Summer is over. This summer was pretty trash to be honest, where I live, I'm pretty sure half of my summer days were rain. I might be exaggerating, but thats how I see it. The days where it were sunny, I did enjoy that. I had many great days in summer too.

However, all good things must come to an end. Summer is over, and school had begun. Already am I getting to the point where I come home wanting to fall asleep. And that's not all, theres a bunch of hurricanes now!

Because of school starting, I can't update my site as frequently now. This article was supposed to be written three days ago, but I couldn't. I'll try to update my site though, so stay tuned.

Connor's Thoughts - 30/08/2017

Skype is bad

One time I used skype, and my computer slowed down really badly. There is also a hole which lets people see your IP address, and that's pretty dangerous. I now use Discord. Discord is so much faster and secure, offering text and voice chat. They are even testing video chat and screensharing. Use them instead!

Luigi can dab

In the new Mario game, you can dab as Luigi. It is glorious. It has moved me so much. It has caused me to see life differently. I have now ascended. Thank you, dabbing Luigi.

Half Life 3 Leaks - 28/08/2017

Several HL3 related stuff were leaked. This includes a possible plot, and earlier, a map leak. From things are going, there is a chance we may not see a Half Life 3 from Valve. However, there is a possibility for a fan-made recreation based on the leaks. Time will tell.

You can see the video talking about the leaks here:

Video 1
Video 2

Youtube's current state - 28/08/2017

Remember when Youtube was good? Me too. Videos were simple but fun, there was no drama, and everything was peaceful. However, the dumbest people were making content in Vine, and when that shut down, they found Youtube. Shortly after that, Youtube quickly went downhill. (thanks jake paul)

What is the solution? The creators who made good videos need to rise up and rebel. This is a battle of Light VS Darkness. The bad people need to be put in their place. They need to become irrelevant, and forgotten. And then, the good creators will rise above all, restoring Youtubes former glory.

EDIT: joppiesaus told me to focus on the good content instead of the bad. I do, but while I'm watching the good videos, theres so much of the dumb diss tracks recommended to me for some reason. My brother sometimes goes on my computer, so he could be watching those videos.

My first post - 25/08/2017

Hello visitors! This is my first blog post on my website here at Neocities. I have not much to say, but I can tell you that I am now actively working on my website. Stay tuned for more updates!