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Hello! Human! Welcome to my personal web corner, Connor's World. Here you will find various pages about my ideas and interests, and links to other cool websites and programs. Enjoy your stay here, Ciao!

This website is under construction, not everything here is finished. Stay tuned!

I have a button now

Written at 30/08/2017

I made a new button, which you can use to link to my site. (please don't hotlink)

New content

Written at 26/08/2017

I made a new animated logo! I hope you like it! I also added the Downloads page, and added Internet Explorer 6 to the page. That IE6 has been modified to work under Windows 7 and up. Enjoy!

New site host

Written at 25/08/2017

I moved my website host to Neocities. I also added a few new pages. Guestbook, Articles and Cool Links have been added. Enjoy!

New site updates

Written at 12/06/2017

I added some major changes to my website, and I'm planning on adding more pages besides the homepage and the About Me page. Stay tuned! This website is about to host more content.


Written at 13/05/2017

This is a website I make during my freetime. I practice my HTML and CSS skills here, so this website is always under construction. Feel free to browse around, but this is a heavily work in progress.